Rules for Review Process of Poster Papers at the Annual Meeting

  1. The number of selected applicants is limited to 3% of the total number of poster papers.
  2. Review process: the organizer invites several members into the review committee and elects a convener in charge of summoning meetings. The review committees summons two meetings, one for reporting the review process, and the second for formal judging and discussion.
  3. The details for scoring: 20% for the layout of the poster, 40% for the academic value of the paper, and 40% for making sophisticated and comprehensible presentations.
  4. Award process: NTD 3,000 and a letter of commendation for each award winner.
  5. The list of award winners for poster papers should be published prior to the banquet on the second night of the annual meeting. The purpose of this is to attach the winner’s information of the award winning paper at the exhibition of poster papers.

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