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December 2015


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Volume 49, Number 1
February 2011


Citation: Chi-Kuang Sun, Chin. J. Phys. 49, i (2011).
Imaging Electron-Phonon Interactions
Citation: James P. Wolfe, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 1 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 2153)
Dynamic Visualization of Surface Phonons in Phononic Crystals
Citation: Oliver B. Wright et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 16 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1396)
Ultrafast Shear Acoustic Waves in Liquids
Citation: T. Pezeril, C. Klieber, S. Andrieu, and K. A. Nelson, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 23 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1089)
Edge Effects on Phonon Dispersion and Density-of-states of Graphene Nanoribbons and Nanoflakes
Citation: F. Mazzamuto, A. Valentin, C. Chassat, J. Saint-Martin, and P. Dollfus, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 31 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 2284)
Observation of Zone-Folded Acoustic Phonons in THz Quantum Cascade Lasers using Picosecond Ultrasonics
Citation: M. Hettich et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 41 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 845)
Raman Scattering Study of Nano-Particle BaTiO$_3$
Citation: M. Aoyama et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 49 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1388)
Long-living GHz Vibrations in Opal-based Hypersonic Crystals
Citation: A. S. Salasyuk et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 56 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 956)
Optical Phonons in Nanoclusters Formed by the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique
Citation: A. Milekhin et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 63 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1393)
Raman Study of Atomic Intermixing in InAs/AlAs Quantum Dots
Citation: A. Milekhin, A. Toropov, A. Kalagin, and D. R. T. Zahn, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 71 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 938)
Investigations of Phononic Bandgap in a 3D Quantum-Dot Crystal
Citation: Y.-C. Wen et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 77 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1086)
Phonon Modes in Wire-type Phononic Crystals Composed of Isotropic Materials with Circular Cross-sections
Citation: S. Mizuno and Y. Nakamura, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 84 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1237)
Phonon modes in semiconductor quantum dots
Citation: S. Biswas, M. Dutta, P. Snee, and M. A. Stroscio, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 92 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1225)
Band Gaps and Waveguiding in Phoxonic Silicon Crystal Slabs
Citation: Y. Pennec et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 100 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1715)
Inhomogeneous Broadening Effect in THz Acoustic Cavities
Citation: G. Rozas, B. Jusser, A. Fainstein, and A. Lemaitre, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 111 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 933)
Evidence for the Generation of Coherent Longitudinal Acoustic Phonons through the Resonant Absorption of Pulsed Far-Infrared Laser Radiation in Silicon Doping Superlattices
Citation: T. E. Wilson, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 118 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1013)
Coherent Generation of Acoustic Phonons in Optical Microcavities
Citation: N. D. Lanzillotti-Kimura, A. Fainstein, B. Jusser, B. Perrin, and A. Lemaitre, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 127 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 836)
Ultrafast Acoustic Gating of Photocurrent in Nanodevices with a Quantum Well
Citation: A. V. Akimov et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 133 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 803)
Power Law Decay and Phase Rigidity for Large-amplitude Coherent Phonons in Bismuth at Helium Temperature: Possible Evidence for Transient Supersolid State
Citation: O. V. Misochko and M. V. Lebedev, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 141 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 704)
Experiments to Study the Propagation of Picosecond Sound Pulses in Water
Citation: T. J. Grimsley, F. Yang, G. A. Antonelli, H. J. Maris, and A. V. Nurmikko, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 151 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 768)
Coupling between Light and Terahertz-Frequency Acoustic Phonons in Ferroelectric BaTiO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ Superlattices
Citation: A. Bruchhausen et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 159 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1102)
Roles of Dislocation Density to the Scattering of Nano-acoustic Waves in GaN
Citation: T.-M. Liu et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 171 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1101)
Picosecond Ultrasonic and Heat Flow Measurements with Enhanced Sensitivity
Citation: T. J. Grimsley, J. Ma, Q. Miao, A. V. Nurmikko, and H. J. Maris, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 176 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 820)
Nature of the Phonon Beam emitted by the Ruby Saser
Citation: L. G. Tilstra, A. F. M. Arts, and H. W. de Wijn, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 184 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 769)
4x4 Matrix Algebra in the Theory of Optical Detection of Picosecond Acoustic Pulses in Anisotropic Media
Citation: D. Mounier et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 191 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1313)
Acoustic Velocity and Optical Index Birefringence in A-Plane ZnO Thin Films
Citation: Y.-H. Chen, Y.-C. Wen, W.-R. Liu, W.-F. Hsieh, and C.-K. Sun, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 201 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1008)
Effect of Strain on the Deformation Potentials in Ge-like SiGe
Citation: F. Murphy-Armo and S. Fahy, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 209 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 906)
Returnable Electron-Phonon Interaction in the II-VI Compound Alloys
Citation: E. M. Sheregii, J. Cebulskii, A. Marcelli, and M. Piccinini, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 214 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1046)
Phonon Effects on Electric and Thermal Properties in a Single Electron Transistor
Citation: N. Nishiguchi and M. N. Wybourne, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 221 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 755)
Softening of the Longitudinal Phonon Mode along the [100] Direction in GdB$_6$
Citation: K. Iwasa et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 231 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1233)
Study of Optical and Transport Properties of Cd$_{1-x}$Zn$_x$Te and CdSe$_x$Te$_{1-x}$ by Far-IR Reflectance Spectra
Citation: T.-R. Yang et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 239 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 824)
Photocarrier-induced Reduction of the Lifetime of Acoustic Phonons in Semiconductor Superlattices
Citation: M. F. Pascual-Winter, A. Fainstein, B. Jusser, B. Perrin, and A. Lemaitre, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 250 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 839)
Phonon Dffect on Exciton Binding Energies in Cylindrical Quantum Wires in the Present of an Electric Field
Citation: Z.-R. Zhao and X. X. Liang, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 259 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 857)
Polarization Dependent Raman Active Modes Study of the Mo$_{1-x}$W$_x$S$_2$ Mixed Layered Crystals
Citation: D. O. Dumcenco et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 270 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 2356)
Phonon-imaging Measurement of Group Velocities and Elastic Constants in CaWO$_4$
Citation: T. L. Head and M. E. Msall, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 278 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 852)
Mapping Caustic Positions:Efficient Optimization of Elastic Constant Values in Non-cubic Crystals
Citation: M. Msall and T. L. Head, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 286 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 668)
Raman Scattering of Hydrogen Storage Material LiNH$_2$
Citation: A. Michigoe et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 294 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 941)
Lattice Dynamics of Alkaline-Earth Hafnates BaHfO$_3$ And SrHfO$_3$
Citation: M. M. Sinha, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 301 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1379)
Inelastic Neutron Scattering and Theoretical Studies on Strontium Tungstate, SrWO$_4$
Citation: P. Goel et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 308 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 982)
Anomalous Thermal Expansion in Framework Compounds
Citation: M. K. Gupta, R. Mittal, and S. L. Chaplot, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 316 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 954)
Structural Transition of RhSb$_3$ under High Pressures
Citation: S. Takanashi, T. Hasegawa, N. Ogita, and M. Udagawa, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 323 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 949)
Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity of RE$_2$CuO$_4$ (RE=Pr, Nd, and Sm) Single Crystals Grown by TSFZ Method
Citation: T. Naito, D. Yamaguchi, and H. Fujishiro, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 331 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 720)
First-Principles Studies of phonons in NaxCoO$_2$
Citation: Yirigui, G. J. Zhao, and X. X. Liang, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 335 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 803)
Coupled Phonons and Transferred Energies between Raman Active Phonons for LiTaO$_3$ Crystal
Citation: Jun Suda, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 341 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 892)
Phonon Quasidiffusion in Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Large Germanium Detectors
Citation: S. W. Leman et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 349 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 985)
Anomalously High Thermal Conductivity of Amorphous Silicon Films Prepared by Hot-wire Chemical Vapor Deposition
Citation: X. Liu et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 359 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1059)
Low Temperature Ultrasonic Attenuation in Phosphate Glasses
Citation: V. Keppens, C. Laermans, B. C. Sales, and L. A. Boatner, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 369 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 783)
Interaction of Phonons with Dislocations
Citation: Y. Kogure, T. Kosugi, and T. Nozaki, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 375 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 917)
Thermal Conductivity of Superconducting Bulk Metallic Glasses at Very Low Temperatures
Citation: D. Rothfuss, U. Kuhn, A. Reiser, A. Fleischmann, and C. Enss, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 384 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1282)
Low Temperature Properties of Amorphous Solids Induced by the Nuclear Quadrupole Interaction
Citation: I. Polishchuk, A. Burin, and M. Gozman, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 394 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 786)
Phonon Dynamics in Parent and Superconducting FeAs Compounds
Citation: R. Mittal et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 403 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 827)
Boson Peaks and Excess Heat Capacity of Lithium Borate Glasses
Citation: S. Kojima, Y. Matsuda, M. Kodama, H. Kawaji, and T. Atake, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 414 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 997)
Theory of Random Alloy Vibrations with Account for Cluster Effects
Citation: V. S. Vinogradov, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 420 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 652)
Low Temperature Vibrating Reed Measurements of Zr Based Metallic Glasses
Citation: C. Adler, W. Mohr, T. Peichl, and G. Weiss, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 429 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 876)
Temperature Profile for Ballistic and Diffusive Phonon Transport in a Suspended Membrane with a Radially Symmetric Heat Source
Citation: J. T. Karvonen, T. Kuhn, and I. J. Maasilta, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 435 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1172)
Molecular dynamics calculations of the cross-plane thermal conductivity of GaAs/AlAs superlattices with rough interfaces
Citation: K. Termentzidis, P. Chantrenne, J.-Y. Duquesne, and A. Saci, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 443 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 804)
Phononic Metamaterials for Thermal Management: An Atomistic Computational Study
Citation: J.-F. Robillard et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 448 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 2797)
Elastic Anomalies Associated with Possible Charge Order and other Transitions in Mixed-valent YbPd
Citation: Y. Nakanishi et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 462 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 964)
Raman Spectral Analysis of Metal-Insulator Transitions in Skutterudite Compound PrRu$_4$P_{12}$
Citation: N. Ogita et al., Chin. J. Phys. 49, 471 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 704)
Damping of Long-Wavelength Acoustic Phonons in a Disordered Anomalous Solid with Parabolic Phonon Dispersion
Citation: M. Goda, H. Hozojima, K. Oshita, M. Okamura, and S. Nishino, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 480 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 917)
Localized Modes and the Vibrations of Elastic Structures
Citation: J. Ma and H. J. Maris, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 490 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 775)
Ultrafast Strain-Induced Electronic Transport in a GaAs p-n Junction Diode
Citation: D. M. Moss, A. V. Akimov, R. P. Campion, and A. J. Kent, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 499 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 827)
Injection of High-Amplitude Picosecond Acoustic Pulses into Polymer Films
Citation: P. Walker, A. V. Akimov, J. S. Sharp, and A. J. Kent, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 506 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 994)
Surface Acoustic Bloch Oscillations and Multiple Resonant Landau-Zener Tunneling in a Solid
Citation: Yu. A. Kosevich, M. M. de Lima, Jr., P. V. Santos, and A. Cantarero, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 514 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 865)
Acoustic Carrier Transport in InP-based Structures
Citation: M. Beck, G. Yang, P. V. Santos, and R. Notzel, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 520 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1074)
Laser-induced Surface Phonons and their Excitation of Nanostructures
Citation: M. Schmotz, D. Gollmer, F. Habel, A. S. Riedel, and P. Leiderer, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 527 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 908)
Real-time Simulations and Experiments on Surface Acoustic Wave Scattering in Periodic Microstructures
Citation: I. A. Veres, D. M. Profunser, O. B. Wright, O. Matsuda, and B. Culshaw, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 534 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1238)
Optical Phonon Modes in Rectangular Graphene Quantum Dots
Citation: J. Qian, M. Dutta, and M. A. Stroscio, Chin. J. Phys. 49, 542 (2011).
Fulltext (PDF, downloads: 1050)
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